How To Register Your Trailer

  1. If your trailer is already REGISTERED OR TITLED to you in your state:
  2. Is your trailer a new purchase (private party, dealer, or business)?
    1. Does it weigh less than 3000 lbs when empty?
    2. Does your trailer EXCEED 3000 lbs when empty and is 1995 or newer?
      • REGISTER HERE. You will be prompted to MAIL the ORIGINAL documents to our office:
      • Original title or certificate of origin showing transfer of ownership
      • Copy of the bill of sale
      • Our original notarized Power of Attorney
      • Mail these documents with tracking

Is your trailer a HOMEMADE trailer or is your VIN number less than 17 digits?

  • Please include a copy of your title with your order.
  • If you do not have a title we will need our MVT10 form completed and signed by your local law enforcement. This can be found in the forms tab.

** Your bill of sale must include ALL of the following:

Buyer & seller names, addresses & signatures

Trailer: MAKE, YEAR, VIN

Purchase Price & Purchase Date

A template can be found here

  • All proof of ownership must include the owner’s full name & full VIN number
  • Submitting a certificate of origin – transfer of ownership must be completed on the back including buyer’s name and address
  • Standard shipping/handling time is an estimated 10-12 business days
  • Your order includes a Maine plate & registration card