Questions about registering a trailer in Maine?

My company has some special circumstances that we have questions about.

The best way to get answers to all your questions or concerns is to give us a call. We have a toll-free number for your convenience 1-800-883-5181.

If you prefer to send questions via email, please use our contact page form.

When are sales tax due?

If you bought a trailer (new or used) for personal use that is not a large semi-trailer (GVW over 50,000 lbs.), 5.5% Maine Sales Tax is due on the amount paid for the trailer.

Examples: boat trailer, horse trailer, utility trailer, snowmobile trailer, etc.

If you bought a large semi-trailer, it is assumed that it will be used in Interstate Commerce and no sales tax is required.

No Sales Tax Due if the following are true:
– The trailer is already titled in your name.
– The trailer is already registered in your name.
– The trailer is used in Interstate Commerce over 80% of the time.

What is a Power of Attorney needed for?

We need a signed Power of Attorney in order to act as your representative and title your trailer(s) here in Maine. You or your company will always be listed as the trailer’s owner.

The Power of Attorney form is required for titling & registering your trailer.

We provide blank Power of Attorney forms in PDF format for our client’s convenience.

You will need to have your Power of Attorney notarized before starting the online application.

When do I have to title a trailer in Maine?
If a trailer is of the year 1998 or newer and has an empty (not GVW) weight of more than 3,000 lbs; and you do not have it titled in another state.

If the trailer weighs over 3,000 lbs empty, but is 1997 and older, it can NO LONGER be titled in the state of Maine and it is not required for registration.

Do you have to live in Maine to register trailers in Maine?

No – Maine Trailer Registrations is a Statutory Agent for the State of Maine. As your agent, we provide you with a mailing address which allows you to register your trailer(s) here in Maine, regardless of your residency status. It is your sole responsibility, as with out-of-state registrants, to become educated of any applicable laws specific to your state regarding trailer registrations.

PLEASE NOTE that MTR does not provide legal advice with respect to whether it is permissible for you to register your trailer in Maine.   By registering your trailer with MTR, you alone are responsible for determining that Maine is a permissible state in which to register.

Questions about registering a trailer in Maine? Please feel free to fill out our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.

What does "SEMI" mean on my plate? I do not drive a Semi-Trailer
The word “SEMI” Is referring to the ‘semi-perminant’ registration that Maine offers. These are registrations from 5 to 12 years in length, that do not need to be renewed each year.
I have registered my trailer in a different state, would this be considered a 'New' Maine Registration or a 'Renewal' ?
Any time that you have previously had a trailer registered or titled, in any state, it would be considered a renewal. Choose ‘New’ Registration if it is the first time registering the trailer to you / your company.